Richard Edward Miller

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Richard Edward Miller
American Impressionist Painter(1875 - 1943)

Morning Sunlight





A Gray Day


Sewing by Lamplight


Virginia Mathews James



The Milliner



Woman in Blue Dress



Black Mantilla



Black Mantilla



The Pool


Woman Looking in a Mirror
(also known as Looking in the Mirror)




La Crinoline



Louis Carey
(also known as Young Man with Violin)



Portrait of a Dandy



Café de niut
(also known as L'heur de l'apéritif)



Cafe de la Paix



The Chinese Robe








Day Dreams






Woman in Blue Seated at a Dressing Table


Sylvan Dell


Miss "V" in Green



Girl with Guitar


Dappled LIght


(also known as The Open Window)


Summer Reverie



Tea in the Garden





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